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On the hills close by stands a small temple dedicated to Lord Nambi called Malai Nambi with a panoramic view of the village below This hill is called Nambi Malai (Nambi Hill) Nava Kailayangal 40 Kms from Tirunelveli Like Kancheepuram it is also a temple town Because many more temple are located here Kasi Vishvanathar temple Thirumula Nathaswamy temple Veerama thandeswarar temple Ammaiappan temple Krishnaswamy temple Purushotama Perumal temple and Lakshmi Narayana Perumal temple are situated here Athankarai Pallivasal : 46 Kms from Tirunelveli There are two domes one for Syed Ali Fathima and the other for Sheik Mohammed They are considered as holy sufi sats All religious people visit this Muslim shre and get everythg what they want Athankarai Pallivasal : 46 Kms from Tirunelveli There are two domes one for Syed Ali Fathima and the other for Sheik Mohammed They are considered as holy sufi sats All religious people visit this Muslim shre and get everythg what. Accordg to a study by the Jot Women’s Programme of the Bangalore for National Commission for Women girls who have to accept becomg a devadasi few reasons were provided which cluded dumbness deafness poverty and others.[9] The life expectancy of devadasi girls is low compared to the average of the country it is rare to fd devadasis older. 2 kms from Tirunelveli It is a multipurpose museum located on Tirunelveli-Thiruvananthapuram Road (NH7) at Palayamkottai All kds of Archaeological remags can be seen Entrance free Museum Open to a.m to p.m Murappa Nadu : The Temple Murambesswara is near here Lord Shiva blesses as Lord Guru here Lord Kailasanathar and the Goddess Sivagami Ambal bless people Those who visit this temple will get wealth and Timgs: Morng : am to am Eveng : pm to pm Location : Murappa Nadu is 17 Kms from Tirunelveli along the Tirunelveli Tuticor Road; Bus Service is available from Tirunelveli Junction. Jo All Pillai discussion-bullet board. For the reform lobbyists — Hdu reformists doctors journalists admistrators and social workers — it was precisely these features of the devadasi stitution which were reprehensible the utmost The portrayal of the devadasi system as "prostitution" sought to advertise the grotesqueness of the subject population for political ends while the British colonial authorities officially mataed most brothels dia.[citation needed] For those who supported imperialism on the grounds of its "civilizg" function programs of reform had ideological rewards. The Hdu revival movement consciously stepped outside the requirements of state electoral politics and western scientific traditions The movement received strong support from the Theosophical Society of dia whose anti-official stance and strong terest dian home rule bound them with the revival of dance. Toward the end of the 19th century there was a spurt of social movements dia Nationalism and search for national identity led to social movements relatg to devadasis These movements can be classified to two categories: Reformists/Abolitionists and Revivalists. Uvari is fishg village situated at shore of way of Bengal at Tirunelveli district This village is 70 kms south from Tirunelveli People this village belong to Christian Paravar community It is well connected by buses to its neighbourg towns It takes an hour to reach here by bus from the Hdu pilgrimage spot of Thiruchendur Uvari is an hour and half from the railway junction of Tirunelveli and from the beach town of Kanyakumari Vallanadu Black Buck Sanctuary : 18 Kms from Tirunelveli A small hillock of Vallanadu have numerous population of spotted deers This place always normal cool climate because surroundg there is lot of trees and plant are situated naturally It is declared as Deer Sanctuary by Forest Department Police Shootg Station (Arms Firg Trag) here is one of the best dia Contact : The District Forest Officer Tirunelveli Division Kokirakulam Tirunelveli - 627009. They stressed that the dance of devadasi was a form of "natya yoga" to enhance an dividual's spiritual plane The revivalists wanted to preserve the traditional form of sadir dance by purifyg it As a consequence of purification some modifications were troduced to the content of the dance which was strongly criticized by dancer Balasaraswati and other proment representatives of the traditional devadasi culture The revivalists mostly belonged to Brahm domated Theosophical circles Many Brahm girls started to learn the dance from devadasis. At the foot of the Mahendragiri hills on the western ghats and on the banks of the river Nambiyaru lies the large and prosperous village of Tirukkurungudi the Varaha Purana the Lord speaks of his sojourn this holy village Thus this place derives its name Kurungudi the smaller abode of Narayana Trity Cathedral : 2 Kms from Tirunelveli The location of the place now called as Murugankurichi There is an elegant and beautiful church here built 1826 by Revered Rhenius A community of Karnataka livg Andhra Pradesh the Natavalollu are also known as Nattuvaru Banajiga Natavollu Bogam Bhogam Bogam Balija or Kalavanthulu.[12] Balijas at the census 1901 were:— Jakkulas among whom it was at Tenali the Krishna district formerly customary for each family to give up one girl for prostitution Under the fluence of social reform a written agreement was a few years ago entered to to give up the practice Ādapāpa Female attendants on the ladies of the families of Zamdars who as they are not allowed to marry lead a life of prostitution Their sons call themselves Balijas some places e.g the Krishna and Godāvari districts this class is known as Khasa or Khasavandlu.[13] Furthermore a devadasi was believed to be immune from widowhood and was called akhanda saubhagyavati ("woman never separated from good fortune").[citation needed] Sce she was wedded to a dive deity she was supposed to be one of the especially welcome guests at weddgs and was regarded as a bearer of good fortune At weddgs people would receive a strg of the tali (weddg lock) prepared by her threaded with a few beads from her own necklace The presence of a devadasi on any religious occasion the house of an upper caste member was regarded as sacred and she was treated with due respect and was presented. 47 Kms from Tirunelveli Gorgeous garden of Dam pleasure boatg Water falls is 5 Kms from dam through Zig Zag Ghat road Manjolai Tea Estate havg salubrious climate can be visited 10 Kms from dam Rest house is available the dam Manjolai - Hill Station : Manjolai is 57 km away from Tirunelveli and is at an elevation of 1162 sq metre There are many tea plantations and around this place Bombay Burma Tea estate is famous one this area About 4000 people work these tea plantations. There are many stories about the orig of the Yellamma cult The most prevalent one says that Renuka was the daughter of a Brahm married to sage Jamadagni and was the mother of five sons She used to brg water from the river Malaprabha for the sage's worship and One day while she was at the river she saw a group of youths engaged themselves water sports and forgot to return home time which made Jamadagni to suspect her chastity He ordered his sons one by one to punish their mother but four of them refused on one pretext or the other The sage cursed them to become eunuchs and got her beheaded by his fifth son Parashuram To everybody's astonishment Renuka's head multiplied by tens and hundreds and moved to different regions This miracle made her four eunuch sons and others to become her followers and worship.

2011 Rationalist Debashis the general secretary of Rationalists' and Humanists' Forum of dia filed compla and got four people arrested who were volved makg devdasi Yellamma Temple Sce then devdasi system Yellamma temple had stopped.[citation needed] 1947 the year of dependence the Madras Devadasi (Prevention of Dedication) Act outlawed dedication the southern Madras Presidency The devadasi system was outlawed all of dia 1988 yet some devadasis still practice illegally.[7] Devadasi practices[edit] The devadasi practices have changed considerably over the last centuries. The Vellalars not only held absolute control over the feudal society but also demonstrated great military prowess To quote. 40 Kms from Tirunelveli Athalanathar temple and Narumpoonathar temple on the banks of river Tamiraparani river attracts tourists maly because of scenic beauty The stone sculptures are legend of the temples are terestg The four styles of temple architecture viz Pandiya Chera Chola and Vijayanagara beautify the glorious temple. Vel-Pari was known as the great patron of poets This chief was a relative of Ma-Vel-Evvi and after the demise of the latter he took over the territory around the mountas of Parambu Poet Kapilar his life long companion described him as the lord of three hundred villages ancient Tamilakkam who could only be won over by the sound of. "kallar Maravar ganathor Agamudaiyar mella maruvi velaalar ayare"  is a popular old Tamil proverb prevalent dia and Sri Lanka about the orig of Vellalars That is Vellalar are a fusion of upwardly mobile members from castes such as Kallar Maravar and Agamudayar The Vellalars have a long cultural history that goes back to over two millennia southern dia Recently the devadasi system has started to disappear havg been outlawed all. The first reference to dancg girls temples is found Kalidasa's Meghadūta It is said that dancg girls were present at the time of worship the Mahakal Temple of Ujja Some scholars are of the opion that probably the custom of dedicatg girls to temples became quite common the 6th century CE as most of the Puranas contag reference to it have been written durg this period Several Puranas recommended that arrangements should be made to enlist the services of sgg girls for worship at temples. The state of Karnataka the region of South dia the devadasi system was followed for over 10 centuries Chief among them was the Yellamma cult.[18]

Many scholars mata that the devadasi system is not described the holy scriptures of Hduism as the scriptures do not refer to any form of sacred prostitution or temple girls.[9] Whether the devadasi girls engaged sexual services is debated however as temple visitors touchg or speakg to the girls was considered an offence.[9] Another theory for the practice of parents dedicatg their daughters to a temple is the belief that they would receive moksha or salvation.[10] Situated the Western Ghats Banatheertham is part of the Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve and lies above the Karayar dam A 20-mute boat ride (costg Rs 20) takes one from the dam across the lake A 10-mute trek takes one to the magnificent waterfalls Surrounded by dense forest the waterfalls present a magnificent sight when viewed from the lake The boat ride also offers a breathtakg view of the adjog hills This range is also known for its plant diversity The legendary Sage Agasthiya who is called the father of the plant-based Siddha stream of medice is believed to have roamed these hills collectg herbs. The Ne Temples for Lord Siva situated on the banks of river Thamira Parani Tirunelveli District are called Nava Kailayangal They are as follows:Pappanasam is at the foot hills of Pothigai Mountas Lord Siva at this place is called Papanasa Nathar; he is with Ulagambikai is very important to worship lord Shivalga Durg Sivarathris our ss will be Timgs : Morng A.M to A.M Eveng : P.M to P.M Location : 45 kms from Tirunelveli Bus service is available plenty. Traditionally no stigma was attached to the devadasi or to her children and other members of their caste received them on terms of equality The children of a devadasi were considered legitimate and devadasis themselves were outwardly distguishable from married women of their own community Chakyars and Nangyarammas of Kerala who performed similar duties for example have enjoyed good social status. History[Edit] Accordg to rules concerng temple worship (Agamas) dance and music are necessary gredients of daily puja of deities temples. Such was the clout of these people that one of the community man Va Voo Chidambaram Pillai floated a SHIP on to the high seas of Tuticorin He lost the race with British but his was one of the major business ambush on the British Va Voo Si or VOC as he is fondly called has become a great leader due to his sacrifices in the name on India He is also called செக்கிழுத்த செம்மல் [Chekiluththa Chemmal] (means the Great man who pulled the Oil press as a Jail punishment in the British Raj for the sake of Independence. Aga these people claim that they are SUPERIOR to other Saiva Pillai's Because they ruled most of the water bodies The tamil meang of karkathar is the folks who guarded the "kar" -the clouds -thus mataed the fertile soil -thus they are Vellalars or Karalars mostly they are landlords -till today -their Thali customs slightly differ from other saiva community but still they termarry Also called as KARALARS they have GOTHRAM like the BRAMS to avoid marryg the same blood All other Saiva and Asaiva Pillai dont have GOTHRAM So All other Pillai call their GOTHRAM as "SIVA GOTHRAM" Mahakavi Kambar greatly praised these people "திருக்கை வழக்கம்" read. General OUTLOOK OF SAIVA VELLALARS These Saiva Vellalars are generally orthodox telligent, studious good maths (so they mostly became Kanakku Pillai's) They are devout Shiva devotees Panniru Thirumurai is their Vedham They were once Jamdhars Pannaiyar's of the Villages along river bed like Tanjore Tirunelveli Durg recent era they took largely to Kanakku Pillai Village Admistrative Officers (VAOs) and to Busess due to the Trade bertween Yazhp Panam (Jaffna) and South dia Tobacco and Grocery busess was very famously done by these Pillai Community durg British Period. The sadanku or puberty ceremonies the devadasi-itiate begs her with an emblem of the god borrowed from the temple as a stand- 'bridegroom' From then onward the devadasi is considered a nitya sumangali: a woman eternally free from the adversity of widowhood She would then perform her ritual and artistic duties the temple The puberty ceremonies were an occasion not only for temple honor but also for community feastg and celebration which the local elites also participated. The Chola empire encouraged the devadasi system Tamil they are known as Devar Adigalar ("Deva" beg Sanskrit for "God" and "Adigalar" "Servants" i.e "God's Servant") Both male and female Devadasi were dedicated to the service of a temple and its god They developed the system of music and dance employed durg temple festivals scriptions reveal that 400 dancers along with their gurus and orchestras were mataed by the Brihadeesvarar temple Thanjavur with munificent grants cludg the daily disbursement of oil turmeric betel leaves. Local kgs often vited temple dancers to dance their courts the occurrence of which created a new category of dancers rajadasis and modified the technique and themes of the recitals A devadasi had to satisfy her own soul while she danced unwatched and offered herself to the god but the rajadasi's dance was meant to be an entertament. Lord Muruga temple here the midst of Tamiraparani river on both the sides is beautifully carved out of a rock known as Thiruvuruvamalai It is said that the same rock was used for carvg the temple of Lord Muruga at Tiruchendur 1653. The two tier over bridge namely Thiruvalluvar Bridge at Tirunelveli Junction was constructed to avoid the railway le crossg The total length of bridge is 800 metres This type of two tier bridge constructed Tirunelveli is the first of its kd dia This bridge was opened for traffic 1972 This two tier over bridge consists of 25 spans of which 13 are of bow strg arch each with a width of metres and 12 are sgle tier R.C.C girder each havg a width of metres. 1999 a Tamil serial by the name of Krishnadasi was aired SunTV It had Gemi Ganesan a popular movie actor a proment role 2002–2003 a Tamil serial titled Rudra Veenai showcased the devadasi system 1702–1703 to 2003 Tanjore/Tanjavour district of Tamil Nadu a short descriptive way An important role was held by a devadasi character the series 2016 a show named Krishnadasi started airg on Colors TV which is based on the lives of devdasis married to lord krishna Agnijal (Bengali: অগ্নিজল) was a Bengali period romantic drama (where a kg falls love with a devdasi) that premiered on Novem and aired on Star Jalsha This serial also portrays the life of devdasis. They had close associations and held high positions of office with the three ma Tamil dynasties Chera Chola and Pandya Some of them even had marital relations; Ilamcetcenni the kg known for his fleet of warships married a Velir prcess and his son Karikala Chola also married a Velir prcess from Nangur. Some journals and newspapers like The dian Social Reformer and Lahore Purity Servant supported the reformist or abolitionist movement The movement itially concentrated on buildg public opion and enlistg members to refuse to attend Nautch parties as well as to refuse to vite devadasis to festivities at their homes Around 1899 the anti-Nautch and puritan movement turned its attention to stoppg dedications The anti-Nautch movement paved the way for anti-dedication movement. 80 Kms from Tirunelveli 20 Kms from Courtallam via beautiful falls located at western ghats along with natural swimming pool (Thadagam) 3 km before. From the late medieval period until 1910 the Pottukattu or tali-tyg dedication ceremony was a widely advertised community event requirg the full cooperation of the local religious authorities It itiates a young girl to the devadasi profession and is performed the temple by the priest the Brahmical tradition[citation needed] is viewed as the only religious itiation (diksha) permissible to women Thus the dedication is a symbolic "" of the pubescent girl to the temple's deity. The Orissa Gazette of 1956 lists ne devadasis and eleven temple musicians By 1980 only four devadasis were left – Harapriya Kokilprabha Parashmani and Shashimani By 1998 Only Shashimani and Parashmani were alive The daily ritualistic dance had stopped long ago This twosome served a few of the yearly temple like Nabakalebar Nanda Utsav and Duar Paka durg Bahuda Jatra.[16] The last of the devadasis Shasshimani died on 19 March 2015 at the. 1984 TS Ranga made a Hdi film Giddh based on the theme of exploitation of young girls the name of the Devadasi tradition with the film's story set a village on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka It starred Smita Patil and Om Puri the lead roles.[22] 1987 another Hdi movie Mahananda produced and directed by Mohan Kavia portrays life of a Devadasi a coastal village Maharashtra.[23] Sengottai is a town the foothills of the Western Ghats It is located roughly 5 km from the Coutrallam Harihara and Kuntaaru rivers flow through the village The economy of Sengottai is chiefly agrarian nature and people are engaged the cultivation of rice groundnut gger coconut Terra cotta and Pottery dustry Cane furniture are the important economic activities Large number of Saw mills are present Shenkottai Piranoor Tourist places are : Kundaru Dam and Mottai Dam 3 km from Sengottai Paalaru Falls 15 km from Sengottai The followg community are also considered Forward Caste Saiva Vellalars    2012 VICE Guide to Travel produced a controversial documentary Prostitutes of God which has been criticized for its portrayal of devadasi sex workers.[24] Pioneers like Madam H.P Blavatsky and Colonel H.S Olcott the founders of the Theosophical movement had undertaken an extensive tour of South dia and propagated the revival of devadasi stitutions and the associated art of sadir They gaed support from some sections of the native elite by their public denouncement of western Christian morality and materialism 1882 the Theosophical Society of dia had set up its headquarters Adyar Chennai with the set goal of workg towards the restoration of dia's ancient glory art science and philosophy. The popularity of devadasis seems to have reached its pnacle around 10th and 11th century CE The rise and fall the status of devadasis can be seen to be runng parallel to the rise and fall of Hdu temples vaders from West Asia attaed their first victory dia at the begng of the second millennium CE The destruction of temples by vaders started from the northwestern borders of the country and spread through the whole of the country Thereafter the status of the temples fell very quickly North dia and slowly South dia As the temples became poorer and lost their patron kgs and some cases were destroyed the devadasis were forced to a life of poverty misery and many cases prostitution.[9] 38 Kms from Tirunelveli A small village the far south Koonthan-kulam Nanguneri Taluk of Tirunelveli District is emergg as a new favourite of the migratory birds It may soon be catapulted to the list of popular water bird sanctuaries the country This village is sparsely populated Migratory birds start comg by December end and fly away to their northern homes by June or July after they lay eggs hatch them and the young ones grow old enough to fly with the older ones Krishnapuram : 13 km from Tirunelveli The temple Krishna puram is dedicated to Lord Vishnu The Presi dg deity is Thiruvenka tanathar There are number of life-size sculptures this temple with tricate workmanship. These beautiful reed mats crafted out of korai grass with cotton or silk the weft are made Pattamadai village The traditional colours used are red green and black and the weaves range from medium colour to 140 counts the silk or pattu mat Designs puts by modern designers has led to the makg of contemporary mats which are greatly demand both the ternational and national markets. By the end of the 10th century the total number of devadasis many temples was direct proportion to the wealth and prestige of the temple Durg the medieval period they were regarded as a part of the normal establishment of temples; they occupied a rank next only to priests and their number often reached high proportions For example there were 400 devadasis attached to the temples at Tanjore and Travancore. Home        Srilankan Pillai History      Orig of Pillai    Non Veg Pillai History  (adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); The centre of attraction of this place is the oldest dargha built around the year 1674 This dargha attracts not only the Muslims but Hdus and Christians also equal numbers This has been built adoptg Hdu temple pattern If the prayers of the pilgrims are answered they pay their offergs through the dargha large numbers durg Kanthuri festival with great reverence this dargha where the lebbais act as priest customs almost similar to that of Hdus are followed the Here holy ashes obtaed from tamard bark ghee and flowers called nerchai are distributed to the devotees Ph : 04634-240566. Traditionally devadasis had a high status society After marryg wealthy patrons they spent their time hong their skills stead of becomg a housewife They had children from their husbands who were also taught their skills of music or dance Often their patrons had another wife who served them as housewife Some of the ement personalities hailed from this community are Bharat Ratna M S Subbulakshmi Lata Mangeshkar Kishori Amonkar this Padma Vibhushan Ms Balasaraswati and Padma Bhushan Dr Muthulakshmi Reddi. Ilanji : Ilanji is a small village Tirunelveli District Kumaram Kovil is very famous is this area lord Muruga with Valli and Deivanai blesses the devotees here The prime deity here is called Varada Raja Kumarar the midst green Paddy field and grove of coconut trees on the bank of Chithra River this temple has been renovated by Mara Varman Kulasekara Pandian 1409 A.D Location : 5 Km from Tenkasi and 3 Km from Courtallam Buses Taxis are available from Tenkasi Courtallam and Sengottai. Nanguneri is 30 Kms from Tirunelveli Nanguneri is surrounded by lush green fertile big water tank and acres of fertile land The western part of Nanguneri is dotted with a cha of mountas called western ghats People the town live a simple life Their daily route may clude takg bath the water tank visitg Sri Vanamamalai Temple and worshippg the Deity takg blessgs of Jeeyar and partakg prasadam offered the temple Nanguneri lies north of Eruvadi. --> See a Poem on Vellala /vira/forum Sri Raja Venugopala Krishna Yachendralu Garu unmarried but had issue two illegitimate sons by Saraswathamma a dasi of the Balija community (#4) He died spl 20 June 1920[14] Natavalollu /Kalawant A community of Andhra Pradesh they are also referred to as Devadasi Bogamvallu Ganikulu and Sani and are distributed throughout the state Kalavantulu means one who is engaged art[15] The Theosophical Society Adyar provided the necessary funds and organization to back Arundale as the champion for dia’s renaissance the arts especially Bharatnatyam The revivalists tried to present the idealistic view of the stitution of devadasi Accordg to their view it was the model of the ancient temple dancer as pure sacred and chaste women as they were origally. A devadasi's life after dedication was obviously very different centuries ago Nowadays Sangam literature the chiefs of the vellala tribes were called the Velir The Velir or the Vellalar tribes are described as a landed gentry who irrigated the wet lands and the Karalar were the landed gentry the dry lands Numerous poems the ancient Sangam literature extol these chieftas' charity and truthfulness Among the most proment were those known as the 'seven patrons' (kadaiyezhu vallal); Vel-Pari Malayaman Thirumudi Kaari Ori Adigaman Began Nalli and Ay Kandiran. Nattuvanars were the male accompanists of the devadasi durg her performance They conducted the music orchestra while the devadasi performed her service scriptions reveal that nattuvanars were used to teach the Chola prcess Kuntavai a thousand years ago.[11] As the Chola empire expanded wealth and size they built more temples throughout their country Soon other emperors started imitatg the Chola empire and developed the system.[citation needed] Click here to read Non Veg Pillai or Asaiva Pillai Types & Varieties Click here to read a kd of Research Material on Orig of Pillai Click here to read article on Kerala Pillai Lord Ayappan  Unique Pillai Festivals/Gods Read what Wikipedia Says about Pillai

Gothrams OF KARKATHAR OR KARALAR Salaikumaran Temple : The Lord Muruga Temple the heart of Tirunelveli Junction is a popular temple This temple received Silver Trophy 1965 for best mataed temple Most of the s of Hdus are held here Sri Sorimuthu Aiyanar Temple - Karayar : Situated at karayar near Papanasam Tirunelveli Dostrict Presidg deity is Sorimuthu Aiyanar Bommakka Thimmakka and Pechiamman are the other deities there Watchg deity is Boodhathar Location at 60 kms from Tirunelveli Nearest Railway Station Ambasamudram Ph : 04634-291104.

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